Above all else, Lehr is a service company.  Built on a family legacy of automotive service, Lehr as we know it today is much different than the Lehr of 10 years ago.  

Today, Lehr is the premier Emergency Vehicle Upfitter for Northern California, Southern Oregon, and Northern Nevada.  We are a Master Distributor for all major emergency vehicle equipment lines and employ a staff of technicians to facilitate the installation of the equipment into todays fleet of emergency vehicles.  

That doesn’t mean that Lehr has turned it’s back on the services that are the core foundation of where we came from.  We have a service department with decades of experience ready and willing to diagnose your car for all of those electrical gremlins that plague todays increasingly complicated vehicles.  We have obtained a reputation amongst the service shops throughout Sacramento as a place to bring your vehicle when no one else can find the problem.  Odds are, we can.  

In addition to troubleshooting and repair, we also offer custom mechanical cables and alternator/starter rebuilding & repair.

All of this while warehousing thousands of parts for the do-it-yourselfer and fleet corp yard alike.

Please take the time to peruse all of the services we offer.